Monday, September 1, 2008


On my way home, of belief, I thought...

What is the belief I have about the whole swinging by itself thing?

I did go through some cultural shock when it started happening.... or maybe quite a bit... for up to the point I met with the doctor... I honestly thought the whole 氣 thing only exists in Martial Art fictions and movies... (you know how them who are really good in Kong Fu could fly and that kind of stuffs).... despite of whatever cultural background I might have talked about.

Yet, today, it is just the way it is....

I guess, if my head could talk to me... what is so difficult to just accept that... the body itself... keeps it moving moving.... 8-O lol

Then, I thought of this conversation I had with the doctor and I finally understood what he meant...

I asked, "How could it be? How could I feel the body moving itself?"

The doctor responded, "Why not?"

I must replied with something like... "Because it is not natural.... abnormal..." or maybe even "unscientific..." and... "Am I much sicker in the head than I thought I am?" 8-O

So the doctor answered with something like the following....

"Who said it is not natural? It is like you live in this room with a whole group of people for your entire life and never walk out of this room because others' told you that you could not--- even though the door is wide open and no one is there to stop you. One day, you finally put your foot out of this room and realize--- wow... I could walk out of it. And, everyone including you thinks... Oh... how unnatural!"

And, I replied, "But it is just, you know... unnatural...." 8-O lol

So.... what belief?

(And, in theory, ya... you could do it, too.... and you don't even have to be either psychotic or neurotic to be able to do it.... 8-O lol)

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