Sunday, October 18, 2009


I don't really know what the United States of America is anymore...

Just when I am drowning in the whole documentation thing for the immigration services at DHS... I got invited to a small gather with my friends.

These American friends of mine have heard of all these things I have to go through all these years and... I think... they can't believe this is what people who have been living, paying taxes and getting screwed by the system like anyone else have to go through... 8-O lol

So I said to them...

"America wants me."

It felt as if both of them seemed to have paused a second not quite sure what to say... (maybe pondering... paranoid? 8-O lol)

"Because you two are my America." 8-O lol

I might walk around with an air of confusion... this part I am sure....

They agree with me... that it ain't like they want me to leave and it seems even the America people also do not quite understand why they make things so hard.

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