Sunday, October 25, 2009


I hate confrontations but certain people do drive me up the wall.

I have come up with this hypothesis recently that, chances are, when I am coming out strong, I am simply mirror the energy I sense from the others...

So say the Chinese... when the partner is strong, you become stronger... when the partner is weak, you get weaker...

In other words, if you are bitchy, I become bitchier... 8-O oops...

For instance, Friday afternoon, this woman came in at work... complaining the hell at me about how inconvineint the new procedure that has been decided by the top administration is... So, the way I felt then was as if she was blaming who is at the bottum of the bottum for the decision made by the top of the top.

Yo. You barking at the wrong tree because it also makes it inconvenient for all of us following the policy, too.

I kept on trying to refer her to my boss and she kept on insisting on doing it to me.

Finally, she made a comment... "Do you understand what I am saying?"

This comment is interpreted as the following...

"Do you understand what is coming out of my mouth in English?" (OMG... psychological damages done... Harassment and discrimination law suit in formation.... 8-O lol)

So I responded...

"I understand what you are saying and I speak English."

I don't know how other ESL would interpret it.

That was my interpretation.

And, I wonder whether she would be asking the same question if she ain't talking to some Asian chick with Taiwanese accent.

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