Friday, October 23, 2009


Went to my doctor's office yesterday, apparently the ligament is torn on my right knee based on my MRI scan...

Since I was moving around like any other human being before the IME exam, so thought I... What it be like shall it be the IME that torn my knee during the examination.

Everybody in my head says I am crazy.... now there is organic reason.... "

"I ain't crazy.... (well, I am crazy but not in this scenario... lol)" So I said to the people in my head... "as long as you don't take into consideration the atypical patterns in symptom manifestation..." 8-O lol

Then, I thought of the voice I kept on hearing all these times... the word... "zerbrechen"....

What it be like... my body has been telling me that my ligament is torn? if not my existence blah blah blah...

Now there I find a perfect spot for this strange piece of information...

Then, again.... ya... keep it up and you are going to build up a delusional system again.... 8-O 8-X

8-O lol

Then, so comment a friend of mine... "Now you can sue the IME..."

You can sue anyone you want to and as much as you can if you have money.... 8-O lol

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