Monday, October 26, 2009

Meat market: Case closed

Today is the court day...

As I have expected, they took the average of the IME reports from my side of doctor and the worker's com insurance doctors... concerning how much permanent damages are on my shoulders and knees.

Speaking of regression to the mean...

Based on the average percentage, they determined how much I would get compensated for each shoulder and each knee.

For your information, you do not get compensated for your back and neither do you get compensated for pain and suffer and etc... However, even after your case is settled, you are still entitled to continuing treatment for the injuries.

So they came up with a lump sum and they realised that they have to deduct this and deduct that and might have to deduct this and other that... in addition to the percentage of lawyer fee.

When all the numbers were presented to me...

I thought of the stock market... 8-O lol sigh

In any case, I waited there when it was my time to wait. While waiting, I did my origami like a good girl because, during the meds adjustment time, I can not get myself too excited for things like this... otherwise... I get into troubles.

Origami, and, especially, origami tessellation is very nice and it calms your nerve... possibly it requires 100 percent concentration.

Although I did not have a diagram, I unfolded one that was already done and used it as the blueprint to fold a new one.

At the very end, I found myself in front of a nice lady judge, my lawyer, and the insurance lawyer. They decided on some amount that I should get compensated for, that my medical bills should be paid for, and that there would be life time coverage for the medical expenses on the broken parts of my body. And, I accepted the settlement by saying a lot of "yes"s.

Afterwards, I got out of the building and I continued to try to keep my head not too excited while staring at Hotel Theresa.... where all things sort of started...

Waiting for the bus, I thought to myself... "How have I fared so fair?"

I did sense a few instances of fleeing positive symptoms... However, not too bad.

So I thought... I think I have done pretty well so far.

At the same time, it does feel good to be settled... 8-O lol sigh...

The next thought... how am I going to react to the settlement concerning my life since June 19, 2007?

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