Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Workers' com

After the DHS, today I tried to deal with Workers' Com...

Court day can't be changed aiming to have the case closed despite my attempts.

Scenario: mission unaccomplished.

Thoughts involved: search--- similar scenario in the past--- decision making--- not going to drive myself up the wall.

Concluding thoughts: ain't quite healthy having no one to blame... Let's blame the president for the school since I have no idea who the institution is and that's the president anyways... especially when it didn't work last time when I try to blame it on God... 8-O lol

Mission accomplished... thought ain't nobody gives a rat's ass about what you say... now you have someone to blame and search could stop.

Next move: Returning to hibernating state.... while I still have a choice... 8-O lol sigh

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