Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dead mouse

I found a dead mouse and I threw it into the garbage.

This boss of mine asked... "How do you know it is dead?"

"The head is jammed."

Then, I thought... maybe someone might want to keep the dead mouse...

So I went to see this boss of mine in the first room?

"Nope. I don't want it."

Yet, they suggested me to give it to the boss next door?

Arriving at the door, I held the dead mouse up and asked...

"Do you want a dead mouse?"


So I went back by the garbage can and heard my big boss asked me...

"What? You found a dead mouse?! Was it the one that was found yesterday?"

So I went to my big boss' door and showed him the dead mouse.

"I was wondering why everyone was so calm about the dead mouse and nobody screaming."

When a dead mouse turns into a dead mouse..... 8-O lol

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