Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beat them up... be happy 8-O lol

Sometimes I want to beat somebody up really bad.... (oops... God I have sinned... zen moment zon moment... lol)

When I see people putting or sustaining themselves in miseries and making themselves unhappy, I want to beat them up.... such as this stupid chick from then and the undocumented-earlier-than da then till today...

So I said out loud today, "Life is bitter enough as is... If you want to make it even more bitter, go eat Dandelion, bitter Mellon or Huanglian (Coptis chinensis), ... at least, they are beneficial for your health because bitters detox. " (人生夠苦了. 如果你要更苦, 去吃蒲公英,苦瓜,黃蓮, 至少他們解毒).  I can't stand it when people insist on making themselves miserable and suffer unnecessarily.... Must be having so good a life (太好命) that they don't know their blessings are overflowing."

 It ain't like I am not guilty of da unnecessary suffer kinda thing... I am them.

Yet, I am learning, in a fashion, perhaps, recursive... and, all else I can or can not have or do, I am determined to be happy.

It is simple, though, to say... be happy.

On a second thought, I think I am doing a much better job now than 5 years ago based on my own writing... or... hopefully so...

Unless... Like what Confucius used to preach... 因才施教...   I really needed to be beaten up bad enough... to learn to be happy?!  God... das ist really tough love... 8-O lol

How am I learning to be happy?  I don't know.  I guess... you don't think about it.  You just do it.  Along the way, you recalibrate because it is easy to get unfocused.

At the same time, of course, we will always feel sort of not so happy at times... because... duh... we are only human.

We could be happy not because there no nothing to worry us and we don't want to care about anything but because we want to be happy and we will find our way to seek simple true happiness.

For me, sometimes... I walk it off and walk it off... wake it off and wake it off... and, when I try to wake up from my propensity for unhappiness, I tell self... I will eventually walk it out and wake of it and I am determined to be happy...

We all have our own ways, I guess.

Though.. happiness seems to be the core now... What is the core of my presumed happiness or what I mean by happy... though piles of garbage-in-garbage-out? 8-X

Still trying to find it... with the aid of Nvivo... with leisure... at two speeds... Slow and Stop.  8-O lol

PS. A part of texts I came across in an old post... Regain


On my way home
Red light stop me in the middle of the road
A chance given
Beautiful tulips to examine

The sunshine casting on the greening trees
The motion commotion of what I failed to see

Sitting on the bus
I felt happy
Even happier feeling my ability to feel happy

Be there choices or not
I thought
I live to be happy

Squander such not
You who have the choice

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