Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy fifth round (Add other)

What is added in this round is the impact of Others on happiness

Working so hard on happy that I would get really unhappy when mama keeps on interrupting me with I don't even remember what... 8-O lol

Although many of the references are coded with existing codes, some new themes emerged in this iteration are Other's wellness, Other's acceptance, and nature kinda stuffs (e.g., trees, cats and dogs 8-O lol).

At this point, I am absolutely sure that there might be quite some issues with intra-rater reliability.

That's fine. Will have to work on finalizing the codes before I worry about internal consistency... if I want to worry about it. oops...

Also, the reason why I want to stop da happy code for a bit is that... let it sit. Otherwise, I might come to a true understanding of what forcing is.... in my own way...

Code generation history: StrategieS (First iteration)+getting things done (Second iteration)+Who I am (Third iteration)+Could do Ordinary thing (Fourth iteration)+Other (fifth iteration)

Other contains 32 sources and 44 references.

The impact of others
Other's wellness


Other people's acceptance

People help thyselves
How am I viewed?
Why is it strange that I am happy?

Why am I happy?
Help yourself to think happy
Able to stop

Accept it and rise above it

Accept that somethings won't be the same

Appreciation (gain, regain)

Be honest.  Stop lying especially to yourself.

Be thankful and be thankful of your ability to do so.

Been there, done that.

Do your best.  

Focus on love and loving thoughts

Happier to give than to receive
Inner work- 反觀諸己
It will come back

Keep on trying

KISS (Keep it simple and stupid) principle

Let it run through

Let go.  Parsifal

Let it be. simply happy

Look for people in worst off state (everybody's got their issue 8-O lol) 

No regret.

Nothing so grand to kill thyself for

Tell other people about happiness
Celebrate life

Do things to make you happy

Avoid doing things that make you not happy

Do cultural things

Paper art

Trick the Brain (Biofeedback and put a smile on your face)

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