Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pain management?

As I am trying to lose some codes, I came across many more interesting... don't even know whether this is the right word... or intriguing words.

Many of these posts have no "happy" related words embedded in them.  However, I decided to add them to the happy family... while many of them with why I am happy applied.

The reason... I am surely happy I am not you and this is why I have to help myself be happy.

An example is the following:

(from Ground zero)

... until, when talking on the phone, trying to figure out a way to get myself out so that I could ship myself home, I realized that... my brain was shutting down... or... to be more precise, the part of cognition I have control over was evaporating like them bubbles...

It was much later did I realize that... so it is my cognition that is helping me controlling the pain.

With the loss of that part of cognition--- they might have just gone joining the task force of interpreting pains because I did not have enough energy to put them on reserve.

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