Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Six round (Other)

Some how I got blocked with the "other."   Perhaps, all that has been revealed is but the separation from the "self"... or the deviation from the "self".  Once the zerbrechen emerge... there form the struggles and the ensuing efforts to bridge the gap...

For instance, paranoia is rooted in the existence of the "other" regardless the nature of the other.  Think about it... shall there be only "me" or the "self" and shall "other" exist not, you have only you to worry about.

When there exist you only, what might be the topics of the concern?  Fewer... I suspect...  Am I healthy?  Do I have enough food and nutrients to keep me alive?

It is the same reason why I felt scared when feeling the sense of self dissolving... an experience I can't really describe further with my limited words.

Also, the same reason why I try so hard to get myself from the unself zone... dreaming state, 2-3 word state, unable to walk state and all them otherwise mentioned but not specified here kind of states...

The reasons I work so hard to bring myself back... to bring myself back to what I consider as my "self."

Since it might not yet be time for the "other" to be looked upon in depth, I might as well simply push the basic descriptions.

In general, there is a sense that "self<->other" might be a dimension higher level than "What you can do" and "How could you think."

At the same time, what I am posting here is only part of the generation process.


What is in it for the others? Some things have nothing to do with me. But other people's doing well could make you feel happy, too, unless you insist on otherwise... 
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