Saturday, October 16, 2010

Learning Chinese... ㄅㄆㄇ

Today's new adventure... I am learning ㄅㄆㄇ in English.... 8-O

Because I never really have to type in Chinese, I have either used the IME pad or the phonetic, as commented by this friend of mine... such methods are too slow... when comparing to Pinyin especially when I am a native of the qwerty keyboard but not the  ㄆㄊㄍㄐㄔ keyboard...

So, after a whole lot of 谷哥 exploration, I found out that my biggest problem is in the inability to translate ㄅㄆㄇ into ABC...

After a bit of , I found myself this simple chart teaching me ㄅㄆㄇ all over again... 8-O lol

Speaking of... 邯鄲學步.

Still have some problems but trying to learn.

And, just in case, shall you wonder... why am I still writing in English?  Partially... also... me don't know how to type.... 8-O 8-X lol

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