Monday, October 11, 2010

Notes from Entangled Minds

  1. "New reality" refers to the modern understanding of the interconnected medium in which we live, the fabric of reality as revealed by modern physics. P. 5
  2. In a case study reported in 1980 in the journal Science, during a routine examination for a minor medical ailment, a student at Sheffield University in Great Britain was found to have virtually no brain. But that didn't stop him from enjoying an IQ of 126 and graduating with first-class honors in mathematics. P. 13 (A brainless brain--- maybe I am really neumocephalic... 8-O lol)
  3. Cold fusion does exist... P. 13 8-O lol
  4. Erwin Schrodinger, one of the founders of quantum theory, used the world entanglement to refer to connections between separated particles that persisted regardless of distance. These connections are instantaneous, operating "outside" the usual flow of time. They imply that at very deep levels, the separations that we see between ordinary, isolated objects are, in a sense, illusions created by our limited perceptions. P. 14
  5. "Physicists now believe that entanglement between particles exists everywhere, all the time, and have recently found shocking evidence that it affects the wider, 'macroscopic' world that we inhabit.".... Michael Brook... P. 14
  6. "Entanglement would lead to a Dawinian advantage: Entanglement could coordinate biochemical reactions in different parts of a cell, or in different parts of an organ. It could allow correlated firings of distant neurons. And... it could coordinate the behavior of members of a species, because it is independent of distance and requires no physical link. It is also conceivable that entanglement correlates processes between members of different species, and even between living systems and the inanimate world." Johann Summhammer. P. 16
  7. Concerning premonition about 9/11... "No one wants to walk around with troubling images of disasters rattling around in their heads, so repression is expected." p. 32
  8. Latent inhibition.. refers to an unconscious brain process that degrades our ability to pay attention to stimuli that have had no consequences in the past. p. 48
  9. Low latent inhibition has been studied extensively in schizophrenic patients because a key symptom of that disease is perceiving meaningful relationships everywhere, even when there aren't any. P. 50
  10. .. low latent inhibition is associated with the personality trait "open to experience" which is in turn associated with divergent thinking and creativity. Of course not al creative people are psychotic... 8-O lol P.l 50
  11. ... high-creativity group had significantly lower latent inhibition scores than the low-creativity group... greater access to more of what the world presents, and high intelligence helps one successfully navigate through this flood of perception. By contrast, those with low intelligence struggle in vain, and the result may lead to psychosis. P. 51 (didn't I tell you that I am Parsifal... 8-O lol)
  12. "for real telepathy would require him to abandon "the fundamental notions on which his whole life has been based." Fear is a common response when one's basic beliefs are challenged. P. 92
  13. Hardly anything involving skilled human performance is absolutely predictable, except perhaps stubbornness in the face of evidence one doesn't wish to see. P. 98
  14. "It from bit"... to refer to the quantum perspective of how the universe appears to be made out of bits f information rather than bits of matter or energy. John Archibald Wheeler P. 146
  15. "Presentiment is that long shadow on the lawn Indicative that suns go down; The notice to the startled grass That darkness is about to pass.".... Emily Dickinson P. 161

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