Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Find your core

There is something strange about this code "Find your core."

It keeps coming up to my mind...

I decided to go back to Nivivo to see exactly what I have coded as "Find your core."

Apparently, all pointed to happiness... but.. duh... of course it will all point to happiness since the codes were created based on a subset of Ratology data including the word happy.  In addition, since I had happy in my mind, of course I will go and find evidence supporting happiness as my core.

Yet, although it might not be the exact answer... doesn't feel too far off... 

Perhaps, the core could be something like... be happy with who you are.

I might want to be smarter, more classic, more accomplished, more beautiful, fewer grey hair, better teeth, free of disabilities of any sort, and, of course, most importantly, win a mega so that I can go and buy a share of Berkshire A, an apartment in upper westside, take care of my people and set up a foundation to do my philanthropic work. 8-O lol

However, I am who I am.  

Can I be happy about being who I am?

Now that I am reinterpreting my code this way... guess... shhhhh... I should try to go and look for some more supporting references?

Find your core

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