Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Six round (Why am I happy)

I might not be happy all the time but I make it my life's goal... the pursuit for happiness.

This posting marks the end of the never ending Happy Six round...

Why am I happy?(merged with why is it strange that I am happy.): In a nutshell... I am endowed with a few experiences unnecessary for ordinary people with some of which could be conceived as sort of miserable; since life's got varieties, might as well be happy since what could be the alternative... I guess?  8-O lol

Some examples in point format... what I can itemize for you:
  1. psychotic with delusions and hallucinations, 
  2. propensity for depression, 
  3. Anxiety attacks
  4. chronic pain, 
  5. physical and mobile disability, 
  6. can't use my head as in from 2-3 words,
  7. can't work, 
  8. can't feel, 
  9. losing a sense of self,
  10. motivation problems, 
  11. dosage adjustment of antipsychotic medication, 
  12. strange bodily experiences, 
  13. strange life experiences but still in one piece and kicking, 
  14. accomplished nothing, 
  15. invisibly disabled, 
  16. ice age... cold air won't stop coming out... especially from my mouth... God.... when is it gonna stop?
  17. sleepless with psychotic symptoms, 
  18. dry mouth, 
  19. spasm in esophagus at bed time leaving you wonder whether you might choke to death in your sleep, 
  20. ear-ringing like I am running a train station in my head, 
  21. the body jump around like a fish on cutting board when trying to sleep night after night
  22. money issues 
  23. not disable according to governmental regulations in the US and in Taiwan
  24. and... of course, immigration issues concerning the US
Ok... I know ain't like its all that much blah blah blah... and there are too many people far worse off...

Some references covering the above though not all of them...
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