Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From it's only human to Phenomenology

Tried to work on defining what I mean by the code it's only human... (just don't stop there)

Wait a minute... where was da original posting mentioning my bring my sorry behind up them stairs up to St. John the Divine to make sure that God hears me calling him a Sxdxstic Bxstxrd?

Miracle that is...

En route, I rediscovered Phenomenology... documented the whole 9 yards after the fireworks grade of pain that led me to ER the second day because I woke up finding my left side partially paralyzed and, of course, in pain.

Still remember vividly how it is though.. no intent for total recall.

Unfortunately... limited are my words, others, the phenomena to capture.

Speaking of... I am surely happy that I were not her.... (supposed to be a quote by Carrie Fisher about Wishful Drinking except for I can't find it through search in my own blog... 8-O lol 8-X)

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