Saturday, October 23, 2010

Today I got rid of

I got rid of a lot of codes I created through the word frequency query in Nvivo 8.

The good thing about word frequency query is that it gives you a whole lot of words that you can identify as meaningful.  However, people like me can easily go nuts into seeing meaning in each every words. 8-O lol

 At the same time, the meaning of each word is dependent on the context.  Just because I used the word husband doesn't mean I was talking about what my husband does... especially when I am a grumpy old hen without a husband.  At the same time, just because I didn't use the word experience in the writing doesn't mean the writing involves no experiences.

It was a painstaking process to code them and it also took quite some work to uncode...

Interestingly, it does give you a happy sense of letting go... again... the wow... 洩氣啦... kinda feeling...  and... zzzzzzzzzzzzz... sleepy sort of... again... the unforseen consequences, I guess... 8-O lol

I have been intending to do this for a while since I got them coded... finally... today seems to be right.

And, of course, I have to turn them into a colorful picture... 8-O lol

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