Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally lose it..

Gott sei dank... Thank God..

Today I finally lose it all... my code lose... something I started doing on Oct. 17, 2010... 

If you think that it ain't no biggie to try to lose something intentionally, think again... the process of losing it... my code lose... is as strenuous as any pursuit of losing weight... Whoever has attempted such an effort knows how tough it is... 8-O lol

A code involving 125 postings and 273 references...

I would have wanted to simply delete it like some others because I don't want to go back entertain what I might have lost.  Yet, something makes me do it for it seems to be the right thing and this is the proper way of losing it... 8-O lol

Thus, I went back to uncode each every one of them and revisit each every losing instances... with a whole lot of them simply involving my calling myself a lost soul in limbo... 8-O lol

To honor the lost code lose, the following itemizes the lose mentioned without further processing:
  1. Ability to talk
  2. All
  3. Appitite
  4. Brain power
  5. Concentration
  6. Control over delusion
  7. data
  8. ebay-ability
  9. freedom
  10. friend
  11. functional
  12. Got lost in the desert
  13. Hair
  14. health services
  15. hearing
  16. heath
  17. Iliad's Trojan horse... 8-O
  18. Information
  19. Internet connection
  20. job in reality
  21. job, degree, green card in imaginary world
  22. Losing ground to psychotic symptoms
  23. Losing the "sense of self"
  24. Losing the "sense of time"
  25. Lost sight of bears
  26. Love
  27. Marcel Proust
  28. Meaning lost in translations
  29. Memory
  30. Mind
  31. money
  32. Motivation
  33. Multitask
  34. my people
  35. Myselves
  36. nothing
  37. nothing to lose but ourselves
  38. Packets
  39. Ratprincess da gold pendent
  40. ship
  41. Something
  42. soul
  43. steam
  44. The ability to carry/lift weight
  45. the ability to speak my mind such as... bitch
  46. the ability to swallow
  47. time
  48. TNT
  49. tooth
  50. wallet
  51. weight
  52. word
  53. work
  54. Wrist to repeated stress syndrome
After all the wing-flopping-headless-chicken-ness, ain't like there was so much lost... especially when I don't have so much to begin with...  I guess? 8-O lol

And.. now... my body is doing da yawning, tearing, sneezing... etc... again.

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