Monday, October 11, 2010

You are doing better

Went with my mom to church the other day.

By the time I climbed up them stairs, I was OK but my body was not happy... so I sat at the back row doing whatever I could do to make my body more comfortable.

At some point during the service, this lady came in and walked past me in one of my kind of walk with a smile.

So I thought...

"Poor lady... hope she is OK."

Interesting to find people doing my kind of walk though on the street or under the same roof.

Anyways, we keep on moving..

Towards the end, when she went on the stage because it was her birthday that day.

She spoke of many things... One of the things that she shared was...

"I was not like this.  I have cerebellum atrophy.  The doctors say there is nothing they could do.... I really don't like myself (like this)."

I won't bs you about how I know exactly she felt and feels... But... Ouch.

After her sharing, this preacher I saw for the first time at this church that day came over...

"You said that you don't like yourself.  I have been on this wheelchair for the past 50 years.  You are doing better."

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