Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy second round (add get things done)

getting things done contains 10 sources and 10 references.

Why am I happy?

What did I do to make myself happy?
Get used to it and rise above it
The way we were..., The sick and the disabled

Inner work- work on yourself
Bloody week: Bloody Happy

Getting something done

Able to stop
The question from citations

Happier to give than to receive

Avoid doing things that make you not happy

Keep on trying

KISS (Keep it simple and stupid) principle

Trick the Brain (Biofeedback and put a smile on your face)

Don't take yourself too serious

Be thankful and be thankful of your ability to do so.

Focus on love and loving thoughts

Be with loving people

Take it as a compliment if you can

See happy people, animal and everything else happy

Nothing so grand to kill thyself for

Keep on living

Accept that somethings won't be the same

It will come back

Tell other people about happiness

Celebrate life

Let it be. simply happy

Try new things

Do cultural things


Paper art

Enjoy food


Appreciation (gain, regain)

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