Tuesday, October 26, 2010


After I was done sick in the "can call the chicken, can't blow the fire" state, one day, I said to myself... time to go back to see my doctor... the western doctor who treats me with the concept of qi 氣.

So I went back to see my doctor.  At some point, I asked him... can I do some kind of physical therapy now?

Two years ago.  He said no because, in my words, my entire state was too fxucked up. (pardon me for my language.

That day... he said yes.

Only simple stuffs... tint, heat pad and stretching.

I was over-joyed that day because I felt it to be such a gigantic accomplishment... I am now finally physical-therapy-able!!

God!  Thank you and many more!

I even went and got myself some 魷魚羹米粉... to celebrate...

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