Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An excellent rehab doctor in Taiwan

Regardless whether there is anyone reading my verbal diarrhea... this doctor of mine use the concept of Qi to help treating patients...

When I was in New York city, I went to, theoretically, the top of the top in pain management, neurology, orthopedic and, of course, psychiatry etc... For the whole year, nothing worked...

It was really... 叫天天不應, 叫地地不靈 an era... really 傷腦筋... hurting everyone's brain... 8-O lol

Someone strange like me could be walking on my two feet looking like everyone else provided still at large (fourth day into 6+- mg Seroquel) is largely due to his help.

In case you are in Taiwan and especially in Taipei, I would recommend you to pay him a visit... and hope his treatment would work for you, too.

Even if you are not in Taiwan, welcome to Taiwan to visit just avoid 蘇花公路 nowadays please!

His clinic in 東區 and the following is his website...


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