Thursday, October 21, 2010

Be grateful and thankful

Today I merged "be thankful" into "Appreciation" for my happy codes

Following are some of the key things mentioned in the retired code "

Be thankful and be thankful of your ability to do so":
  1. you can give away seats
  2. you can walk
  3. you are delusional so that you don't have too many illusions
  4. you can read and modify sentences
  5. you have done the things that you can no longer do
  6. you have something to thank about
  7. you are kicking at large and not behind the gated doors
  8. you can be happy
  9. you have what you have
  10. thank people for their love, care, help and support
  11. thank whoever you can think of
  12. thank all

In addition, be thankful for all things you don't even know that you have taken for granted because all things you take for granted might not be so easy for someone else...

If you can't see anything to be thankful about... chances are... you might not have tried hard enough...

If you can't find anyone to thank, be thankful about your ability to disagree with me since it takes cognitive processing power, your literacy skills, your motivation etc.... to come to an agreement or disagreement.

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