Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The health benefits of Nvivo running really slow

Because the Nvivo file I worked with is 450 mb, it runs extremely slow when you close out an internal after making some of the most minute modifications or when you are saving the file.  It is so slow that you figure it might have crashed... though it did crashes many a time.

One thing I need to give credit to Nvivo is... the slowness is in-discriminative... it doesn't matter whether you coded a thousand thing or simply deleted a few letters.  lol

However, it is dependent on the size of your internal and the number of codes.

At the beginning, I will be waiting impatiently and, perhaps, blame everyone on the planet for the torment I have to go through... the waiting time.

After a while, I started stand up and do some of my swinging thing... exercise a bit and get back on to the computer when it is ready.

Perfect, better than sitting in front of the machine the entire day since I do spend a good chunk of my day in front of computer anyways.

Stupid me... I think QSR did it for a purpose... 8-O lol

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