Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why post memo?

Why am I posting my memos?  Not to mention the scary clouds of labels?

art (24) Articles (2) Asian songs (1)authorize (17) China (18) Comedy is tragedy in time (2) Conversion disorder(15) data (2) define (1) DHS (29) Do no harm (6) Dry mouth (1) Esophagus (16)Frankl (7) From 2-3 words (45)happy (153) intuition (15) invisible disability (2) Japanese (1) Korea (9) learn(24) Let go (54) Live your life (5) Love(145) Madness (1) memo (35)memory problem (8) Mouth (12) MRI (7)music (5) naive art (21) Nothingness 空(14) Nvivo (34) One step at a time (11)Ouch (14) pain (209) pain-herniation (112) Pretend the outcome (2) Psychosomatization (46)quotes (16) Recipe (2) relationship (40)scenarios (17) Sleep (68) Slow and stop(16) smoke (17) Struggle (43) Struggle and suffer (6) Suffer (45) Taiwan (17)Taiwanese Japanese (5) taiwanese music(11) techno (2) The picture (3) The thing about detour (3) theories (1) Type Chinese(4) Why I blog (5) Yawning (16) 原来是美男(11) 張根碩 (17)

Wouldn't I be showing people how I am roaming around like da qi in my whole body trying to get through all them blockages not knowing exactly where to go? 8-O lol

Also, wouldn't it be showing how subjective this process is?

First, I am still reloading waiting patiently like a turtle for something emerge...

Second, come on... all research is messy by default.. quant or quat.

Third, me looking at data about myself?  How much more subjective could it be?  Accept it and rise above it.  8-O lol

Fourth, I guess.. sort of like what this prof had has taught when he was talking about the shadow of da chair de Marcel Proust... 8-O lol

偏見...偏見...沒有偏那有見... sort of like.. errors.. errors... how can you see the variance shall there be no error?  As long as I keep on trying to recalibrate and attempt to not run into local minima or maxima... I guess..

Final and closing point... and back to the topic...

Why continue to post memos?

I don't know... just like the right thing to do... How does it matter anyways?  8-O lol

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