Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do the turtle thing 作烏龜

Because there is blockage in my chest and the qi doesn't flow well, the doctor told me to roll up a towel and lay on my stomach with da rolled-up towel right in the middle of my chest.  I guess.. in a sense, use my own body weight to adjust the structure of my own body gradually...

That night.. I laid there flat on my stomach... four limps out with my head facing forward... I had this vision of a gigantic turtle with four small legs and one large shell on the back... so I thought... wow... like a huge turtle... also... so ist das Ratprincess' version of 龜息大法... (much many martial art fictions I have read. 8-O lol)

No wonder so slow... but.. so they say... live a long and peaceful life I guess... 8-O lol

From that day on... I followed the doctor's instruction to... in my own words, 作烏龜 or do the turtle thing every night... 

One night, my mom would ask me... "Have you 作烏龜 today?"

The other day, my mom got me this other towel and told me.. "I got this for you to 作烏龜."

I thought... now its an everyday expression... 作烏龜.... 8-O lol

At the same time, as time went on through out the past few weeks... the shell seems to get smaller and smaller... till today... it feels as if there are only limps left...

Thus, shall anyone ask me next time...  "Dr. Chang... what have you been up to?"

"閉關作烏龜..." 8-O lol

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