Saturday, August 16, 2008

One big news in Taiwan these two days is the scandal involving the family of the previous president 陳水扁, which shocked the whole society including those of us who were once so very proud of a son of Taiwan to be the president.

Be it really a money laundry monkey business or not, the previous president 陳水扁 did come out to confirm and apologize for having committed illegal conducts.

Regardless, Taiwanese people have been hurt and, hopefully, this is not to the last straw that collapse the camel for it has been a touch journey--- the Road towards real democracy in Taiwan.

Among all the comments, I found a state of made by the previous vice president 李秀蓮 to be most pertinent, “又笨,又貪”—or “stupid and greedy.”

The whole thing is totally stupid because doesn’t he know that the KMT people will try their best to dig out his dirty laundry? If you want to be a thief, at least, you need to be doing a much better job... So many others have engineered all those 國產變黨產 thing and have also, as politicians, taken mucho mucho of people’s money; yet, they were at least good enough to not be exposed. Why can’t you be at least be, more smooth, a criminal?

With all the money involved in this scandal, I need not speak more about the idea of “greed.”

Could it be really true that 天下烏鴉一般黑…. politicians equate corruptions?

Now that the scandal has been exposed… while 陳水扁’s bad name going down the history, I can’t stop wondering the kinds of implications such event would have on the offspring and the road ahead for them.

Most important of all, while 馬先生 (the president of Taiwan who voluntarily decide to call himself no president in front of the Chinese governmental officials) is working his way preparing to sell Taiwan short to China, 陳水扁 sold the future of Taiwanese people for his greed.

When will we see the light again… 台灣子弟的出頭天?

Yet, Taiwanese forget not… one man’s wrong doing represents not the doom of the Taiwanese heart….

Still… sad so sad…官場現形記--- so it is…. all for greed.


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