Tuesday, August 12, 2008

From Visa to the US

I got the Visa?! 8-O

I went for the Visa Interview today and.... at the end of the day, or, in the middle of the day, more accurately, I found myself in a strange position... I got the Visa to go back to see the mosquitoes I have been raising in my room?! 8-O

Based on hearsay, once your application gets denied once, it shall make it more difficult to obtain the visa again.

However, after almost two months wait and about 10-20 minutes standing in front of the station of that 門神 of mine, I saw him handed me that piece of paper with which I could go to the next counter to make arrangement for delivery--- a station I failed to visit the last time.

Many people who knew of my condition had tried many different ways to encourage me. They all hypothesized that I should be able to get the Visa to get back in today's interview based on the theory of God(s), 元神, etc.

Despite the "theoretical" differences, and, regardless whether it is before and after today's interview, after seeing the progress I have made within the last 3 months, they all came to a conclusion that--- it is God's will that the first round of visa application got denied because I won’t be where I am without the last two months although there is still room for improvement.

Of course, there surely would still be others thinking that my

The utility of 英英美代子 kind of recovery could be very well explained away by the theory of psychosomatization and it has nothing to do with that visa thing at all.

(Speaking of the concept of bias-free research... children... lol).

Personally, I got another theory--- the 門神 theory… naming, somehow, the gate-keepers or the 門神 of the United states heard of my prayers and decided to say yes this time because they are done with my involving them in my verbal diarrhea.

In a more delusional perspective, I would even go so far as to say that, somehow, some people were flooding them with messages to give me that visa--- digitally, telepathically, etc. 8-O

So, I walked out of the building of the American Institute in Taiwan—searching for a payphone to inform my family about the news while wondering to myself how the outcome could be like such while all theories seem to fair equally in predicting it.

I also pondered--- maybe my digital prayer did go to God’s attention and, perhaps, now it is about time for the blockages of my life to be gradually lifted….

In my mind, this question and its answer resurfaced….

“How could it take so long?” Asked my rehab doctor and many others including me, myself.

Not an indication of God’s vengeance (although I highly suggest you to not call God bad names still, especially not to climb all the way up to St. John the Devine for that purpose lol oops--- God, I have sinned again)…

But, simply….

“Because you could do it….. Beside, without all these things, there would be no story at all.” An answer that kept on hovering over my head in the form of auditory hallucinations and a comment absolutely psychoanalyzable.

Among all events involved, there came the visa thing…

The visa thing… so heavy yet so light… an end to a beginning and the beginning to an end… like all others that have crossed my mind….

Now the outcome is out-- the associated null and alternative hypotheses cease to matter.

Leaving, matter, one thing only… namely, the next.....

Starting with thank all of you I have in mind and all of you I may know not of.

Since there is so much and so many to thank, I might as well simply 謝天 or thank God…

Not only because 天地 won’t mind, but because… we all are here someone else to assist- the shape of their stories to construe.

(And, geezzzzz… from Visa to謝天… I am quite some BS-ter shall you be able to comprehend them run-on and unfinished sentences lol)

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