Sunday, August 31, 2008


So I met up with this friend of mine.

If the degree of my stubbornness is like them million-year old iceberg, it won't be much easier to thaw off them iceberg of this friend of mine.

The only difference between the two of us is that... I know I am stubborn and he insists himself to be nothing stubborn.

So, during our conversation, I spoke of how the 氣 might have helped me walking out of the more severe state of disability.

For an established scientist specializing in radiology like him, inevitably is the 氣 thing considered as mock science since even social science, such as psychology, is considered pseudo-science to him.

At some point, we came back to the thought of "psychosomatization."

How could I achieve the state of recovery I am in in merely 3 months while disabled for almost the entire year....

Surely, concepts of mock science like 氣 has far less validity than the blank label of psychosomatization (speaking of my ever changing biases and mental model... 8-O lol).

What about the involuntary movement of my body and its relationship with psychosomatization?

Somewhere along the line such an inevitable question raised by him...

So I responded...

The matter of the fact is that... the movement has to be all bodily and involves no cognition... or, in other words, somatization in its purest form.

Or, I am just pure psycho.

So has been put by Maxine Greene... the confusion of interpretations.... 8-O lol

And, the matter of the fact is that... perhaps, he is but the mirror image of me in some plane of multidimensionality because, in him, I see me.

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