Saturday, August 23, 2008

Though I try to get away

In theory, when I am doing the swinging kind of activities, the kind of 氣 that comes out of my body is 濁氣--- excellent for the plants but no good for other people.

As a result, although one has to be as close as "a foot" away from me, I try to get away from people as much as possible when exercising.

Unfortunately, through I try to get away from people, when exercising by the Riverside Park, there are always people who would insist on passing me by--- inches away--- strangely close.

"What else could I do to keep them away from me for their own sake?" So I, to myself, ask...

Shall I put up a sign from tomorrow on... "Fire Hazard! Keep off!" or "This chick is crazy! Keep off!" 8-O lol

And, of course, it won't quite matter shall you believe in the 氣 thing not... Yet, in that case, my involuntary movements could be used to prove my being very off... How enticing... 8-O lol

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