Friday, August 22, 2008


In the posting The day I went shopping without a cane, I mentioned that my rehab doctor told me how the clips I took could be used to encourage people to think more positively about their condition.... by asking them to compare their condition with mine.

In effect, the doctor seemed to have used the phrase "日正當中" to describe how my life was like right before the fall.

I never thought of it that way.

Yet, looking back, I can't feel that it might have been true that my life than was 日正當中--- at high noon.

I was doing everything I was trying to do...

Getting my green card application package ready...

Getting my job done in trying to work with the inner city schools...

Getting my ordinary gym works to relief stress... and to defy that propensity of mine--- which you could call mental. 8-O lol

Then, there came the collapse... the chair dissolved below me while 日正當中...

Today, all has or had been gone while, once upon a time, all was 日正當中.

lol sigh

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