Wednesday, August 6, 2008

還債: A box of 嘛吉燒

On my way back from the doctor’s office, I walked passed by this shop selling 嘛吉燒 and 嘛吉--- desserts made of rice, and, I bought a box of 嘛吉燒 for the first time.

So what and why?

For the past few weeks, if not months, every time I went to see my rehab doctor, I would walk passed this shop and would take a piece of the 嘛吉燒 the shop had cut out for the pedestrians’ tasting….

Then, one day last week, as I was walking back home…. this thought occurred to me (similar to how I feel my delusional kinda thoughts)….

“Time for you to pay back what you have owed.”

I would have made the purchase last week except for my sister and her two kids were not home to share these.

So I bought it and arrived at this tea shop where I usually got this cup of bubble tea after seeing the doctor.

I rested the case on the counter where this lady arriving later spotted it.

“Do they still sell 嘛吉燒?” She asked.

“Ya, they don’t make it right in the shop anymore but still have boxes of them. I bought it because I have been eating the 嘛吉燒 they gave out for the past two months and thought it might be time for me to pay back what I have taken for free.”

The lady laughed and said something like.. “How much could you have had?”

I thought for a moment and replied….

“Say, if each of the tasting piece account for a quarter of the whole, having passing by the shop 3 times a week for the past 8 weeks at least, I might have had about around 8 whole pieces now.”

Both the owner of the tea shop and that lady laughed.

The lady laughingly said to me something like, ”你太會算了…..” or “You are counting too much….” lol

I, myself, also found and still find it… funny….

Moving on with this box of 嘛吉燒, I walked along happily, sort of like what you might call 無債一身輕…or, more appropriately, 少了一點債, 身體多輕了.... lol

(Ok, I know that the degree of reaction is disproportional to what really happened since all that I did was buying a box of 嘛吉燒, which worth 100 Taiwan dollar or 3.3 US dollars only. lol)

And, 還債--- for pure selfish reason....

And, only a box of 嘛吉燒, I could 碎碎念念不完-- or BS all this much? 8-O lol

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