Wednesday, August 20, 2008

踏破鐵鞋無覓處-- about them torn iron shoes

"踏破鐵鞋無覓處,得來全不費工夫" is a Chinese expression. It means you put in the effort into achieving something with all your might, the kind of efforts that could wear off a pair of iron shoes... only to acquire it by chance without any effort.

I have never worn iron shoes before.

During my days of feet dragging, I definitely had no intention of wearing shoes made of iron.

I might have worn off shoes before; however, I have never worn off a pair of shoes so bad that the front of the shoes become so very torn that the toes would come out to see the world 8-O lol--- at least, not until after the fall...

During a strange state, when I could finally lift my legs yet not quite able to lift the whole feet, I would be strolling up and down the street--- dragging my feet.

If I recall correctly, it must have taken less than a week for the front to be torn.... as indicated by the pictures below...

So what did I think of when taking these pictures just now?

"Does make sense for my right side seems to have more problems in walking although it was the left side that was once half-paralyzed...." 8-O lol

P.S., I have taken pictures of my broken shoes as per request of my rehab doctor back in Taiwan so that they, possibly, could be used to show the others... "Has your condition been as bad as this?" Some minor contributions afforded by the minor inconveniences of my life.. I guess... lol

For those who are interested, following are the URLs for my doctor's clinic and blog....

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