Monday, August 11, 2008

Prayer... to the gate-keeping god(dess)

I will be going to the interview for a Visa again tomorrow.

For all of you who come across this blog, please help me say a prayer... to the Gate-Keeping God(dess) (門神) of the United States of America.

Since I have obtained a masters degree in Developmental Psychology and a doctoral degree in Instructional Technologies and the Media, I am sure I am qualified to pursue the course of studies that is required of me.

In addition, so far, along my years of education at Teachers College, about 118x1000 (correction---not 3000 per credit but 1000) US dollars or so have been donated into that tuition fund... as a result, I certainly do have the intent to complete the course requirements and to obtain the diploma ASAP... 8-O 8-X

Not to mention the fact that I am really starting to grow too old to be a student for myself and time to get out from the student role…

Worst comes to worst.... do me a favor, please, I need to get back to New York to take care of the room that I am still paying rent for while doing nothing with it other than raising mosquitoes....

May God bless America and may the gate-keeping God(dess) (門神) grant me the visa to get back!

God bless American, (where) my home sweet home (awaits me to come back for it could, unfortunately, not, itself, take care of)....

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