Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carrying weight

Although my walking is now so much better without a cane, I am still having difficulties carrying weight and handling slopes.

Today, I went back to school carrying with me a lot of gifts I brought back from Taiwan.

Being a cheapskate like me in the current economic down time, I took it to the road instead of taking a bus... let along that thing we call taxi... lol En route, I gave out packages of Taiwanese snacks to thank people for their concern and consideration as well as the gifts they have offered me all along.

This is the first time for me to be carrying weights this heavy for so long (actually it might be considered really light by you especially I used bag with rollers to offset some weight) a distance (actually only 10 Manhattan blocks lol) since over a year ago before my accident.

With numerous inevitable stops along the way and after about 1 hours, I finally made it to the destinations and gave out this first load of gifts to the people I am so very thankful of.

The trip back home without all the packages was so much easier without the weight... which seems to be teaching me another lesson of "it is better to give than to receive." lol

On my way home, I took a detour to St. John the Divine.

As I walked into the cathedral, I heard voices greeting me... "welcome back!"

There was no sense of surprise.

It was simply, "now you are back... welcome back!"

So I sat down and rest... letting thoughts and voices running around at their own will....

Reflecting on the trips I have traversed so far and the nice people who have been sent from heaven... my guardian angels....

"Thank you." So I said to God.

And, more importantly, "Thank you for my thanking you."

Then, I felt... constraints on me getting released one after another.... telling me that...

"No longer do you need to move with the burden (like having monkey on my back I guess... 8-O lol) although the weights are still yours."

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