Thursday, August 7, 2008

That piece of floating object

I have been thinking about this strange thing "I thought" I saw one night by my bedside.

It was sometime in the winter.

One night, in the middle of my sleep, for no reason (not because I wanna go to the John), I woke up and saw, by my bedside, in the middle of the air, a strange piece of object floating in the air.

As it was dark and it disappeared within seconds, I did not really get a good look of it.

The only thing I could tell you is that....

It did not have the shape of a person.

More accurately, it looks more like a piece of old black log... or a statue missing all features of a statue.

When I spotted it... I got a scare.... the same kind of scare you get when someone unexpectedly sneak up next to you.

Some people heard about it and said.... "Ghost?"

My psychiatrist heard about it and said... "You are dreaming" while my concern then was... "When did I start having visual hallucinations?!" 8-O

Recently, I think of that piece of floating object now and then... wondering what exactly it is shall it really exist...

The matter of the fact is that... be it death, a ghost, a spirit, God... or anything else you might think of....

One thing I am sort of sure is that... it did not mean any harm...

It was there watching me if not watching over me or guarding me.... even if it is death itself who paid me the visit in the form of a big black floating log.

Then, I decided to go back to the Ratology Down with Meds blog to see whether I have made any posting about it....

Although I did not locate anything after scanning through the archive, I came across this writing posted about me being a spoilt brat...

I am a brat so very spoilt

I am a brat so very spoilt
Taking all me love with their good will
Never did I have the time to stop and think
How I other's good will, taken for granted

I am a brat so very spoilt
In my own world
a world, I build, of my own
All me love me supported
My life, in love, they contribute and -ed

I am a brat so very spoilt
In life so alone
Defy, Devinne to proof
Up to the point God, my ass, to kick

I come to see

I am a brat so very spoilt
Them me love
pay back
My life
To prove

(Not even in eternity)

And, I realize that... maybe, I am a far more spoilt brat then I could conceive of....

Seeing a piece of floating object watching me in the middle of the night (be it real or not) and what I could "feel" is that it is there me to guard? 8-O lol

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