Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I sat there quietly without a sound, with one word triggering a whole mountain of internal dialogues

"Thankful" was the only thing I could think of.

All that have happened in the past... regardless how annoying they might have been at times... regardless how the rereading of my old blog postings might have refreshed my memories about the time that passed... and more of the bluh bluh bluh....

Like delusions, my head stubbornly decides to see light in the dark and beauty in people's heart --- extracting all else as life's lessons--- leaving me no choice but be thankful.

I try to defy la forza... to be thankful not.... yet... can't quite make myself think of anything to be "unthankful" of...

Like delusions, my head regressed me back to thankful thoughts...

Could incurable my propensity to be thankful have something to do with my psychotic predilection? Is this a manifestation of my thought disorder? Oh.. my God... or shall I say... thank God?! 8-O lol

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