Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ain't no nothing wrong with you

One day, I went asking some information about the protection of people with disability in Taiwan at work place... for instance... how do I prove to people that I am physically disabled this way and blah blah blah.... A hard question for me to ask.
I went home and told my mom about the discussion... and... I saw her face....

From then on and especially later that night, she tried so hard to prove to me or to convince me that everything is fine with me and I am not disabled.

I then realized that... "she is going through this phase of denial... maybe she doesn't even know..."

She has difficulties accepting the fact that... this daughter of her has any kind of... let's put it this way... health problem... or... maybe my father as well...

So, she went on the entire time at the dining table and afterwards telling me that I am not disabled and so on...

Finally, I could not stand it any more...

"Stop it.  Stop it.  Please!

Accept it and acknowledge it.  Stop pretending it is all fine and there is nothing I can't do (no intent for double negative to emphasize).

That is not what I need.

What I need is for you to accept it.

Let's accept it and say... well... this is the reality now and where do I go from here.

Set this point as the baseline and each inch I gain is an inch gain."

I guess... it will never be easy for any parent to accept anything not so perfect happening to their children...

Later, I thought... must be hard to deal with people as such... what exactly do I expect them to say?

And, I thought of a comment a friend of mine once made... something like this...

"I now it is not perfect (accepting the fact) but you are making your best effort (stating the fact) and you seem to be doing fine."

Some days you do go into them moments and asking God why it is me and.. blah blah blah... and this is the point when you go watch the drama on TNT since, mostly likely, their drama is far more dramatic and entertaining... lol

Or go check out a clip as such... romantic, good ending and possibly a younger and better looking character in the leading role... 8-O lol

Yet, despite the good will... "Ain't no nothing wrong with ya?"  8-O

A lot of things wrong.... dear... let me break the news to you...

Yet, I know there are many things I could do though I am still trying to right them wrongs if possible as well.  8-O lol

Don't know whether this is how anyone else deals... this is how I deal.

And... no better way this guys once had it put... "You are high maintenance..."

I didn't understand it then... finally now... 8-O lol

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