Saturday, October 2, 2010

What does 5 years of Ratology look like?

This is what ratology looks like with the top 501 keywords I selected... ending with Apocalypse used 16 times... after all postings from Ratology Down with Meds and Ratology Reloaded are both imported into Nvivo 8 sp4...

No thinking, understanding, 8-O, lol etc in this picture... because these words occur too frequent... I think.... 8-O lol

5 years of ratology... that's all that I've got? 8-O 8-X lol

At the same time, well... doesn't the last 3 years and more added some contents to the picture? 8-O lol

Gotta remind you a thing about numbers and word counts... each word has its contexts... thus, might be different interpretation.

That huge back of mine... could be.. look back, think back or you scratch my back and I scratch yours for instance...

Will update you with more pictures as I start going through the codes...

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