Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Using the insurance card illegally 違規使用健保卡?

Was sitting at home doing my usual thing on the computer...

The phone rang.

So I thought.... maybe it is my sister and brother in law coming to the neighborhood wanting to take me out with them to eat good food..... How nice.... 8-O lol

Then, I heard this recording... "中央健保局.... 你已違規使用健保卡." (Bureau of National Health Insurance.... you have illegally used the insurance card.)

Then, the phone call was transfered to someone live...

A lady sounding all nice and Taiwanese answered the phone.

"中央健保局...." and she asked for my 身分字證號.... sort of like Social security number in the US and Social insurance number in Canada.

I responded, "Can you give me a phone number to call back?  How would I know whether it is real or not?"

She hang up.

I had a good laugh afterwards... fraud.

By the way, please relay this message from the Bureau of National Health Insurance in Taiwan... that's a fraud.

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